Louise Fili

Louise Fili, born on April 12, 1951, is an American graphic designer renowned for her adept use of typography and commitment to quality design. Her artistic inspiration derives from her passion for Italy, Modernism, and European Art Deco styles. Acknowledged as a trailblazer in the postmodern revival of historical styles in book jacket design, Fili seamlessly blends historic typography with contemporary colors and compositions. Commencing her career in the publishing industry, Fili gained prominence for her robust typographic approach, crafting nearly 2,000 book jackets during her tenure with Random House. Upon establishing her own design studio, she has directed her focus towards restaurant identity, food-related logos, and packaging. Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Heller, Steven, Fili, Louise
    Published 1993
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    by Heller, Steven, Fili, Louise
    Published 1998
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    Published 2012
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