Ma Chengyuan

Ma Chengyuan in front of the Jin Hou Su ''bianzhong'' Ma Chengyuan (; 3 November 1927 – 25 September 2004) was a Chinese archaeologist, epigrapher, and president of the Shanghai Museum. He was credited with saving priceless artifacts from destruction during the Cultural Revolution, and was instrumental in raising funds and support for the rebuilding of the Shanghai Museum. He was a recipient of the John D. Rockefeller III Award, and was awarded the Legion of Honour by French President Jacques Chirac.

Ma was an authority on ancient Chinese bronzes and published more than 80 books and academic papers, including a 16-volume encyclopedia of the bronzes. He was responsible for recovering ancient relics including the Jin Hou Su Bianzhong and Warring States period bamboo strips, which are now considered China's national treasures. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Wen wu jian shang zhi nan /
    文物鑑賞指南 /
    by Ma, Chengyuan
    Published 1996
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    Published 1988
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