Roger Manvell

Arnold Roger Manvell (10 October 1909 – 30 November 1987) was the first director of the British Film Academy (1947–1959) and author of many books on films and film-making. He wrote (sometimes in collaboration with Heinrich Fraenkel) many books on Nazi Germany, including biographies of Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Göring. During World War II, he worked in the Ministry of Information, creating propaganda films for the British government. In his career, he also lectured in universities in as many as forty countries in three continents (America, Europe and the Middle East), and was a broadcaster and screenwriter. He joined the Boston University faculty in 1975 teaching film history classes at the College of Communications. Manvell was named University Professor in 1982. Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Manvell, Roger, 1909-1987
    Published 1974
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