Helen Moore

Helen Moore may refer to: *Helen Moore (literary scholar) (born 1970), literary scholar and university administrator *Helen Moore (mathematician) *Helen A. Moore, American feminist sociologist *Helen Edmunds Moore (1881–1968), Texas politician *Helen Moore (nurse) (1906–1995), matron-in-chief, Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, 1959–1962 *Helen Moore (1894–1963), mathematician, dean of women at Kansas State University, and namesake of Moore Hall (Kansas State University) *Helen Moore (1899–1971), American baseball coach-chaperone for the South Bend Blue Sox *Helen Moore (died 1996), wife and killer of jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan *Helen Moore Barthelme (1927–2002), wife and biographer of fiction author Donald Barthelme *Helen Mason Moore (1907–2003), headmistress of The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1962 to 1971 *Helen Vincent Moore (1830–1903), namesake of the John and Helen Moore House in Oregon Provided by Wikipedia
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