Gary Siuzdak

Gary Siuzdak Gary Siuzdak is an American chemist best known for his work in the field of metabolomics, activity metabolomics (a termed coined in 2019), and mass spectrometry. His lab discovered indole-3-propionic acid as a gut bacteria derived metabolite in 2009. He is currently the Professor and Director of The Center for Metabolomics and Mass Spectrometry at Scripps Research in La Jolla, California. Siuzdak has also made contributions to virus analysis, viral structural dynamics, as well as developing mass spectrometry imaging technology using nanostructured surfaces. The Siuzdak lab is also responsible for creating the research tools eXtensible Computational Mass Spectrometry (XCMS), METLIN, METLIN Neutral Loss and Q-MRM. As of January 2021, the XCMS/METLIN platform has over 50,000 registered users.

Siuzdak studied chemistry (B.S.) and applied mathematics (B.A.) at Rhode Island College. He then went to Dartmouth College for his graduate work where he built his first mass spectrometer to perform multi-photon ionization mass spectrometry experiments and occasionally competed in powerlifting. At Dartmouth he received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (March 29, 1990) and on April 1, 1990, started at Scripps Research. In 2017 Siuzdak received an honorary doctorate (with Emmanuelle Charpentier) from Umeå University for his work in metabolomics. Siuzdak has hundreds of [ papers] and has authored two books: ''Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology'' (1996) and ''The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology'' (2003) as well as ''The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology 2nd Ed.'' (2006). Provided by Wikipedia
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