Search tips

Use "" to search for a phrase.

"climate change"

will find the two words together in this order.

Use ? to replace a single letter.


will find women or woman.

Use * to replace multiple letters.


will find test, tests, testing or tester.

Use the tilde symbol ~ at the end of a search word to find alternative spellings.


will find Tschaikowski and Tchaikovsky.

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators must be in upper case letters.

Use AND to search for all specified words. AND is used automatically if there is no other operator being used.

Economics AND Keynes
gives the same results as:
Economics Keynes

Use OR to search for at least one of the words or phrases.

"young adult" OR youth

Use NOT or - to exclude a word or phrase.

escudo NOT car
gives the same results as:
escudo –car

Boolean searches are processed from left to right. Use parentheses to group terms to clarify the order.

Tourism AND (Auckland OR Tamaki)