The many faces of philosophy : reflections from Plato to Arendt / edited by Amélie Oksenberg Rorty.

A collection of personal writings by 44 major philosophers, gleaned from their letters, journals, and prefaces, as well as from the main body of their works, portraying their doubts, struggles, and triumphs, and shedding light on the many and conflicting aims and strategies of philosophical writing.

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Other Authors: Rorty, Amélie (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : Witnessing philosophers
  • I. From Plato to Maimonides. Plato : a philosopher educates a tyrant
  • Seneca : philosophy as a guide to life
  • Augustine : two cities : two roads to knowledge
  • Al Ghazali : my life
  • Abelard and Eloise : calamities and credos
  • Moses Maimonides : why I write ... and how I write
  • II. From Bacon to Hume. Francis Bacon : how to think well
  • René Descartes : moving toward clarity and Adrien Baillet : Descartes' dream
  • Blaise Pascal : the limits of thought
  • Thomas Hobbes : "Justice I teach and reverence justice" and John Aubrey : "The life of Hobbes"
  • Baruch Spinoza : wisdom and the improvement of the understanding
  • John Locke : the origins of philosophical ideas
  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz : God, mind, and logic
  • George Berkeley : philosophy does not need abstract ideas
  • David Hume : my life and Adam Smith : "Mr. David Hume
  • III. From Vico to Schopenhauer. Giambattista Vico : imagination, language, and the inventions of philosophy
  • Voltaire : good sense and nonsense
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau : meditations on my troubled heart
  • Denis Diderot : clarity against dogmatic superstition
  • Immanuel Kant : the tasks of philosophy
  • Johann Gottfried Herder : culture and the stages of the imagination
  • Johann Gottlieb Fichte : idealism and self-reflection
  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel : the new science of philosophy
  • Arthur Schopenhauer : vitality and the tasks of life
  • IV. From Bentham to Russell. Jeremy Bentham : accounting for rationality
  • John Stuart Mill : education and social progress
  • Karl Marx : philosophy as political critique and Friedrich Engels : speech at the graveside of Marx
  • Søren Kierkegaard : the many faces of an author
  • Friedrich Nietzsche : overcoming my life
  • Charles Sanders Peirce : autobiographical note
  • William James : philosophy and emergent morality
  • John Dewey : from absolutism to experimentalism
  • George Santayana : my host the world
  • Bertrand Russell : why a became a philosopher
  • V. From Wittgenstein Appiah. Ludwig Wittgenstein : logical arrangements
  • Martin Heidegger : my way to phenomenology
  • Rudolph Carnap : autobiography
  • Jean-Paul Sartre : self-portrait at seventy
  • Simone de Beauvoir : writing a life of writing
  • Takatura Ando : a philosopher in the midst of war
  • Hans-Georg Gadamer : philosophical apprenticeships
  • Hannah Arendt : thinking through the good life
  • Isaiah Berlin : my intellectual path
  • G.E.M. Anscombe : my interests in philosophy
  • Kwame Anthony Appiah : the many sources of philosophic reflections.


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